Gluten Free Menu


Greek Omelette $9.99
3 Eggs, Fresh Tomato, Feta Cheese, served two GF Toast

Veggie Omelette $9.99
3 Eggs, Mushroom, Tomato, Green Pepper, Onion served two GF Toast

Western Omelette $9.99
3 Eggs, Ham, Green Pepper, Onion, Cheddar Cheese

Spinach & Goat Cheese Omelette $9.99
3 Eggs, Spinach, Goat Cheese

3 Egg & Cheese, Bacon or Ham Omelette $9.99
3 Egg and Cheddar with bacon or ham served with two GF Toast

3 Egg & Cheese Omelette $8.99
3 Eggs with Cheddar Cheese served with two GF Toast

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg & Cheese $5.99
2 Eggs, Cheddar Cheese

Bacon, Ham, or Sausage Egg & Cheese $6.99
2 Eggs, Cheddar Cheese with Bacon, Ham or Sausage

2 Egg $5.99
Fried Eggs or Scrambled Eggs

French Toast $7.99
3 French toast served with organic maple syrup

GF Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.99

Extra Cream Cheese $0.99


Sausage /Ham / Bacon 1.00



Cup $3.99 Bowl $5.99


House Salad $6.99
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onion, Red & Green Pepper, GF Vinaigrette

Greek Salad $7.99
Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Pepper, Olives,  Red Onion, Feta Cheese

Anitpasta Salad $9.99
Romaine Lettuce, Italian Meats, Cheeses, Peppers, Olives, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad $7.50
Romaine Lettuce, Topped with Shredded Parmigiana Cheese and GF Crouton

Add Grilled Chicken/Tuna /Turkey $2.99

Add Tilapia 4.99 Broiled Salmon or Crab Cake 8.99


GF Hummus Platter: $9.50 (DF, SF)
Hummus with Olive Oil, Cucumber and Served with Bread

GF Veggie Delights $8.99
Hummus, Olive Oil, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli

GF Brie Melt : $9.99 ( Veg, SF)
Melted Brie on toasted GF Baguette, topped with Bruschetta and Accompanied by Olives

Caprese Salad: $9.99 (Veg, SF)
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Fresh Basil, served with Toasted GF Baguette.

Cheese Platter: $10.99 (Veg, SF)
Combination of three different cheese Served with GF Baguette and Olives

Baked Goat Cheese $10.99
Baked Goat Cheese on Toast Grilled Vegetable, Balsamic Glaze

Shrimp Cocktail: $10.99
5 Shrimp Served with Cocktail Sauce


Side Salad $3.99

Side Caesar Salad $4.50

Side Geek Salad $4.99

Italian Style Potato $4.99

Sautéed Spinach $4.99

Side Grilled Vegetables $4.99

Rice $2.99




All sandwiches are served with your choice of
Bread:  GF Bread.….$8.49 Baguettes ……..$9.49

Lotto: Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss & American Cheese

Classic Italian: Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone

Pastrami: Pastrami, Melted Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo

Caprese: Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Vinegar

Palermo: Grilled Eggplant, Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese

Steak & Cheese: Philly Steak, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onion& Mayo

Chicken Cheese Steak: Philly Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onion& Mayo

Grilled Cheese: $4.99


12” Medium size Pizza

Cheese PizzaVegan Crust $ 13.99 ATG* Crust $18.99
Shredded Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce

Margarita Pizza: Vegan Crust $ 15.99 ATG* Crust $20.99
Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Shredded Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

Veggie Pizza: Vegan Crust $ 15.99 ATG* Crust $20.99
Fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Green Peppers, Black and Green Olives,Shredded Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

Chicken Pizza: Vegan Crust $ 15.99 ATG* Crust $20.99
Marinated Grilled Chicken, Onions, Shredded Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

Pepperoni Pizza: Vegan Crust $ 15.99 ATG* Crust $20.99
Pepperoni, Shredded Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce

*ATG: Against The Grain Crust


Chicken Kabob $ 13.99
Chicken marinated and grilled served with Basmati Rice and Salad

Grilled Vegetable $ 10.99
Grilled assorted Vegetable served on tomato sauce with Basmati Rice & Balsamic Glaze

 Lasagna $13.99
Choice of Lasagna (Meat, Spinach, Eggplant)served with Caesar Salad.

Broiled Salmon $16.99
Broiled Salmon served with Italian style potato and salad

Single Crab Cake Platter: $13.99
Crab Cake Served with Salad, Basmati Rice, Cocktail Sauce, Balsamic Vinaigrette. (House Specialty)

Double Crab Cake Platter: $24.99
Two Crab Cakes Served with Salad, Basmati Rice, Cocktail Sauce, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Chicken Tikka Masala: $14.99
Chicken cooked in Tomato based Creamy Sauce served with Basmati Rice  and Salad.

Grilled Mahi Mahi: $17.99
Mango Salsa, Sautéed Spinach and Potatoes.

Grilled lamb Chop: $19.99
Four Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops served with  Moroccan style grilled vegetable Salad.


GF Baklava

GF Chocolate Dipped Cheese Cake

GF Double Chocolate Mousse Cake

GF CupCakes


Lilit Café’s Italian Gelato is freshly prepared  from natural ingredients. We offer a wide variety of flavors, which can be sampled before ordering. Lower in fat and less calories than Ice Cream


When you purchase any 750ml Bottle of Wine / Champagne at Lilit Cafe, You can enjoy on premises. Only $8.00 corkage fee apply. Wine by the Glass / Beer also Available